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本文摘要:While many potential laptop buyers are waiting for the Oct. 26 release of Windows 8 and the new hardware designed to use it, not everyone can afford to tarry. Students going back to school, or folks whose computers desperately need replaci


While many potential laptop buyers are waiting for the Oct. 26 release of Windows 8 and the new hardware designed to use it, not everyone can afford to tarry. Students going back to school, or folks whose computers desperately need replacing, are in the market now, and computer makers are bringing out new models to entice them. 尽管很多有意向出售笔记本电脑的消费者正在等候10月26日Windows 8及其设施新的硬件设备的公布,但是不是每个人都等得起。将要开学回校的学生、迫切需要换电脑的人现在都有使出的意愿,电脑厂商也发售了一些新机型来更有这些人群。Apple has recently refreshed its laptop lineup and equipped it with a new version of its operating system called Mountain Lion. These Macs are excellent machines, well worth considering. But for people who prefer Windows PCs, there are new choices packaged with Windows 7, but upgradable later to Windows 8. 苹果(Apple)最近改版了其笔记本电脑系列,并为其配有了取名为“Mountain Lion”的新版操作系统。

这些Mac电脑都十分不俗,很有一点考虑到应从。但是,对于更喜欢Windows电脑的消费者,市面上也有一些加装了Windows 7并可升级为Windows 8的新机型可供选择。I tested two new Windows laptops, aimed at different ends of the market. One, the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon, is a high-end, thin and light ultrabook model with a high price tag. The other, the Hewlett-Packard Envy 6 Sleekbook, is a handsome, midrange machine meant for the budget-conscious. 我测试了两款新的发售的针对有所不同市场定位的Windows笔记本电脑。其中一款为误解ThinkPad X1 Carbon,这是一款机身轻巧的高端超级本,价格也非常高昂;另一款是惠普(Hewlett-Packard)的Envy 6 Sleekbook,这款笔记本外形美观,价格高,专为支出受限的人打造出。

Both machines have their virtues. I much preferred the ThinkPad, from a design and performance standpoint, but it starts at a whopping $1,399 and is meant for people like business travelers with deep pockets. The H-P delivers good value and a larger screen for a very attractive $599 starting price, and is meant more for students or people who are willing to trade price for somewhat slower performance, and greater bulk and weight. 这两款机型皆各有优点。从设计和性能角度来看,我对ThinkPad机型要讨厌得多,但是它起价就低约1,399美元,针对的是钱包可观的商务人士。

惠普那款机型较为实惠,屏幕也更大,599美元的起价也十分有吸引力,其目标客户是学生或者是不愿为了实惠价格而壮烈牺牲一些性能、不介意机身更大更加轻的消费者。Neither machine was very impressive in my battery tests, and the costly Lenovo did worse than the much more affordable H-P. 在我展开的电池续航时间测试中,这两款机型的展现出都不是十分让人失望,其中价格不菲的误解机型的展现出逊色于价格要低廉得多的惠普机型。Before getting into the details of each of these laptops, a word of caution is in order. Windows 8 is designed to work with touch-screen computers, and neither of these two laptops, nor most others on the market today, have touch screens. Microsoft says Windows 8 will still work fine with a standard, nontouch-screen laptop, and both Lenovo and H-P assured me these models will handle Windows 8 well. But as Ive said before, youll get more out of Windows 8 with a touch-screen PC. 在详尽讲解这两款笔记本之前,我还得警告大家一句:Windows 8操作系统针对触摸屏电脑而设计,但这两款笔记本,还包括现在市面上的大多数笔记本,都不带上触摸屏。

微软公司(Microsoft)称之为Windows 8在标准的非触摸屏笔记本电脑上也某种程度好用,误解和惠普的这两款机型也让我坚信它们能很好地运作Windows 8。但是,如我以前所述,如果用触摸屏电脑的话,你将不会取得更佳的Windows 8用于体验。The ThinkPad X1 Carbon, available Aug. 21, pulls off an impressive feat: It fits a 14-inch screen into a body more typical of a 13-inch laptop. It weighs just 3 pounds, is less than 3/4-inch thick, and is only about 13 inches long and 9 inches deep. It is eminently portable, easily usable on an airplane seat tray. 误解ThinkPad X1 Carbon于8月21日上市,整个产品的品质让人惊叹。它在更加多见于13英寸笔记本的机身中安配上了一块14英寸的屏幕,它只有三重达(大约1.36千克),厚度将近3/4英寸(大约1.9厘米),大约只有13英寸(大约33厘米)宽、九英寸(大约23厘米)长。

它的便携性也十分好,便利在飞机座位的折叠桌上用于。One reason for the machines light weight is that it uses carbon fiber, a strong but light material, for much of its tapered body, which is in the traditional ThinkPad black. It felt rugged and solid. 这款笔记本轻巧的一个原因是,它的楔形机身(颜色为ThinkPad的经典黑色)大部分使用碳纤维生产,这种材料材质重又朴实牢固。总的来说,它给人一种扎实稳固的感觉。Not only has Lenovo crammed a larger screen into a small case, but it has endowed the screen with an especially high resolution of 1600 by 900. That means that more of a Web page or document is visible without scrolling than on some larger displays. 误解这款机型不仅在小机壳中映射了大屏幕,其屏幕的分辨率也尤其低,超过1600×900。

这回应在未滚屏的情况下,其网页或文档表明的内容比一些更大屏幕所表明的还要多。ThinkPads have long been known for great keyboards and the X1 Carbon is no exception. For this model, Lenovo has tweaked the keys to provide a larger top surface and greater separation. I found typing on this backlit keyboard to be a real pleasure. ThinkPad系列电脑一向以键盘好用而为人推崇,这款X1 Carbon也不值得注意。误解对这款机型的按键展开了微调,使键盘的盘面更大,各个按键之间的间距也更大。


我实在在这个背光键盘上点字显然是一种享用。The touch pad, which is made of glass, is 37% larger than on the prior model and the company says it will accommodate the gestures built into Windows 8. It was smooth and responsive in my tests. 这款机型的触摸板由玻璃做成,比上一款机型的触摸板增大了37%,据误解称之为它也限于于Windows 8中的手势操作者功能。

在我的测试中,它用于一起流畅而且反应灵敏。The new ThinkPad handled every app or program I tested quickly and well. It doesnt use a traditional hard disk, but instead relies on a solid-state drive -- essentially flash memory -- and was able to resume from sleep almost instantly. The downside of this is that you only get 128 gigabytes of storage in the base model. 对于我测试的每一款应用于或程序,这款ThinkPad新机型都处置得又快又好。

它以固态硬盘(实质上就是存储器)代替了传统硬盘,而且从“睡眠中”状态重新启动差不多就是一瞬间的功夫,其缺点就是这款笔记本的基本机型只有128G内存。I was disappointed that such a premium laptop was mediocre in my harsh battery test, where I turn off all power-saving features, set the screen brightness to 100%, leave the Wi-Fi on to collect email in the background and play a continuous loop of music. 让我深感沮丧的是,这么一款优质笔记本在我严苛的电池测试中却展现出平平。我在电池测试中开动了所有节约能源功能,将屏幕的亮度调往100%,仍然连着无线网络在后台缴邮件并且不时地循环播出音乐。The ThinkPad X1 Carbon got just four hours, one minute in this test, which means that in more normal use, youd likely get about five hours. That is well below the companys claim of 6.3 hours. 在这次测试中,ThinkPad X1 Carbon的电池续航时间只有四小时一分钟,这回应在长时间用于情况下,它的续航时间有可能有五个小时,这相比之下高于误解声称的6.3个小时。

H-Ps Envy 6 Sleekbook, available now, is an entirely different type of laptop. It costs less than half as much, but is a lot larger. It has a 15.6 inch screen, though with a lower resolution of 1366 by 768, so it actually displays less of a Web page or document without scrolling. 惠普的Envy 6 Sleekbook现在就能在市面上卖到,这是一款与误解ThinkPad X1 Carbon截然不同的机型。它的价格只有误解机型的将近一半,但机身要小得多。它的显示器有15.6英寸(大约40厘米),但其分辨率较低,只有1366×768,因此在未滚屏的情况下,其网页或文档实际表明的内容要比误解机少。

H-P calls this laptop a Sleekbook, not an ultrabook, because it uses an AMD processor, and ultrabook is a term that applies to Intel-based laptops. The Envy 6 Sleekbook is almost 15 inches long and 10 inches deep and just under 0.8 inch thick. It weighs 4.5 pounds. It isnt hard to carry, but if youre used to a smaller, lighter laptop, theres no mistaking the fact youre lugging something bigger. The design makes the machine look lighter, with a black, brushed aluminum cover and a red, rubbery bottom. 惠普把这款笔记本称作“Sleekbook”而非“超级本”(Ultrabook),因为它使用的是AMD处理器,而超级本是一个用作使用英特尔(Intel)处理器笔记本的称号。Envy 6 Sleekbook差不多有15英寸宽(大约38厘米)、10英寸(大约25.4厘米)长,厚度劣一点点就到0.8英寸(大约二厘米),重量是4.5磅(大约2.04千克)。它并难于装载,但是如果你习惯了机身更加小更加重的笔记本,你显然不会实在托着它就像托着个一挺大个的东西一样。它使用了铝质拉丝黑色顶盖,底部面板为红色的弹力材质,这些设计使它看起来变得较为轻盈。

In general, I found the Sleekbook to be a bit sluggish, though it handled every program properly. The touch pad also felt stiff, though the keyboard was fine. The desktop is marred by icons for trial software, especially games. 总的说来,我指出Sleekbook用于一起有些不流畅,尽管它对每个程序的处置都不算不俗。它的键盘还不俗,但是触摸板用一起感觉也不过于灵活性。此外,电脑桌面上的试用软件的标识,尤其是游戏软件的标识,毁坏了它的美观。


But the Sleekbook has some advantages beyond price. It boasts a 500 gigabyte hard disk, an HDMI port for connecting to a TV, and an Ethernet port for wired Internet connections -- ports that the costlier Lenovo lacks. 除了价格便宜之外,Sleekbook还有其他一些优点。它的硬盘容量高达500G,还备有一个相连电视的高清晰度多媒体模块(HDMI)和一个用作有线网络连接的以太网模块,而价格更加喜的误解机型则没配有这些模块。The H-P also outperformed the Lenovo on my battery test, clocking in at four hours, 40 minutes, which means you might get six hours in normal use. The company claims up to nine hours. 此外,惠普这款机型的电池续航能力也好于误解那款测试机型,它在测试中的续航时间是四小时40分钟,这回应在长时间用于情况下的续航时间有可能约获得六小时。

惠普声称这款机型的电池续航时间是九个小时。The X1 Carbon continues the tradition of the ThinkPads superior design and performance, and is a solid choice for those who can live with its price tag and middling battery life. The Envy 6 Sleekbook is a good choice for students, provided they want a heavier, larger laptop. 误解X1 Carbon沿袭了ThinkPad一贯以来的一流设计和性能,对于需要拒绝接受其低价格和展现出平平的电池续航能力的人来说是一个可信的自由选择。

惠普Envy 6 Sleekbook对于学生来说是一个不俗的自由选择,如果他们可以拒绝接受一个较为轻较为大个的笔记本电脑的话。